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Freight Railroads

Every North American Class 1 railroad chooses Tracsis.

Satisfying customer demand whilst seeing off the competition

With increased competition and customer demands, freight railroads need a smarter solution. Technology that can grow network capacity and revenue. Tracsis’s innovative analytics and automation solutions will eliminate bottlenecks caused by manual processes. More yard efficiency and capacity - zero lost cars and delays.

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Benefits for freight railroads

All North American Class 1 railroads and a wealth of other freight railroads worldwide are using Tracsis analytics and automation solutions within their yards and mainlines. The benefits for yards and mainlines include:

  • millions of dollars saved from unnecessary costs caused by delays, bottlenecks and lost cars
  • increased revenue and customer satisfaction by keeping train velocity on track
  • enhanced safety of your most important assets: your employees
  • automated operations that enhance operational efficiency and productivity
  • improved throughput in your yards, allowing you to accomplish your operational goals

Remote condition monitoring

Discover and resolve issues before they become a problem.

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Yard automation

Discover and resolve issues before they become a problem.

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Computer Aided Dispatching

Technology that eliminates the risk of human error.

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