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Computer Aided Dispatching

Technology that eliminates the risk of human error.

Keeping complex operations on track

Today's transportations markets are both fast-paced and competitive. That's why safety, on-time arrivals, network velocity and the most efficient use of available resources are so important.

Tracsis's graphically driven mainline Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) solution removes the risk of human error. This is because it enforces a consistent ruleset helping dispatchers issue safe train movement authorities. It also integrates resource planning to keep your trains moving efficiently.

How it works

Tracsis DOC® System is a train control platform that's both flexible and scalable to your railroad requirements. Future-proofed, it takes advantage of recent technological advances. This enables it to provide reliable functionality for all railroad control applications - whatever your operation uses.

Our solutions

Tracsis dispatch system seamlessly integrates different train types, territories, and rulesets. So with Tracsis DOC® System you only ever operate and maintain one system. Our solutions can cover all your mainline train control needs, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.

Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

Tracsis DOC® CTC, is the traffic control solution for operations that dispatch on signaled territory. Our Centralized Traffic Control application has a user-friendly graphical interface that helps ensure a safe, accurate and efficient operation.

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Track Warrant Control (TWC) & Direct Traffic Control (DTC)

Tracsis provides non-signaled territory dispatching under the GCOR, CROR and NORAC rule sets. And with full conflict checking, automatic completion of warrants, train sheets, forms and bulletins, temporary speed restrictions and Track Out Of Service alert capabilities, it's the most advanced dark territory dispatch system in the industry today.

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Digital Track Warrant

Can you imagine a digital data exchange for field personnel that actually increases productivity? Well, this is it. Digital Track Warrant is an application that eliminates the need for voice communications and paper forms - often a source of human errors. Instead, all field activities are performed via the Mobile Worker's web-based user interface - easily accessed via portable devices over the internet.

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Positive Train Control (PTC)

Tracsis DOC fully supports dispatching PTC-enabled railroads and uses either ITC or E-ATC. So no matter what PTC you use, Tracsis DOC allows dispatchers to enter mandatory directives directly into the dispatch system during normal use. What's more, all dispatcher-required functionality is automatically integrated into the office segment of PTC. The intuitive DOC can communicate to the back office system (BOS) or wayside equipment and will receive information from the locomotive segment (if provided to the BOS).

A series of computer screens.