00. General.

Service plans are annual and per location. Services included in the service plans do not carry over to the next year. All Service Plans are subject to Tracsis’s Standard Terms and Conditions, and Software Policy and Requirements. All rates are in USD.

A Purchase Order (PO) or Credit Card number is required at the moment of requesting any service that is not included in a service plan. Customers will be invoiced upon receipt of PO. Payments are net 30 days from date of invoice.

Customers with no active Service Plan are subject to Tracsis’s standard rates for No Plan customers.

Tracsis’s business hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM (EST), except holidays. Tracsis’s office is closed in observance of the following holidays (not limited to): New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Tracsis reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time.

01. Remote service and support.

This service is provided to assist and solve incidents related to Tracsis solutions, including communications network, field equipment, and the DOC System, its PC hardware infrastructure and interfaces, as in service.

An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort(s) needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. If it can be broken down into subordinate problems, each subordinate problem shall be considered a separate incident. An incident may require multiple contacts and off-line research to achieve final resolution. The time spent in delivering these solutions is independent to the amount you will be charged. A solution to an incident may require a DOC System update. A solution to an incident is not guaranteed if customer does not have the latest version of the DOC System.

This service does not include system updates, system modifications, reports, root-cause analysis, software development, training, or onsite support.

Tracsis provides remote service and support via telephone and email, during normal business hours, after-hours and holidays. Only Severity 1 issues reported via telephone will be supported during after-hours and holidays. The service is provided in English directly by our engineers, and also in other languages via our translation services.

Remote support requires high speed internet connectivity or Tracsis’s secure private network, Tracsis Connect Remote Link, when access to the Tracsis solution is needed.

02. Service Level Agreement.

Tracsis has identified four production support severity levels. For Severity Level One and Severity Level Two issues, it is permissible to call Tracsis during normal business hours and after-hours. For Severity Level Three and Severity Level Four issues, notification of the incident must be via email or via phone contact during normal business hours.

Severity Level One (1). A critical system function is not available or not functioning properly, and will prohibit the customer from conducting production operations. A Severity Level One issue may also be discovered by Tracsis and declared before the customer has encountered the problem. Tracsis will notify the customer of the problem. The first priority when a Severity Level One issue is notified will be to identify an acceptable work around; the issue will then automatically be reassigned to a Severity Level Two. Call back response time is 30 minutes after a Severity Level One incident is reported. Target resolution time is 4 hours.

Severity Level Two (2). A critical system function is not available or not functioning properly, and significantly affects the customer’s production operations. Call back response time is within 8 hours after a Severity Level Two issue is declared. Target Resolution Time is 16 hours.

Severity Level Three (3). A system function is not available or not functioning properly and has an adequate manual work-around available and includes non-critical or nuisance type of problems. Call back response time is within 16 business hours after a Severity Level Three issue is declared. Target Resolution Time is 20 business days.

Severity Level Four (4). Support requests. This level is used to request assistance with an issue. It is also used for questions about lost passwords or the use of the application, related subsystems or system interfaces. Call back response time is within 24 business hours after a Severity Level Four issue is declared. No Target Resolution Time is set.

Tracsis is only able to fulfill its Service Level obligation if customer: 1) Provides a central contact point and list of individuals who are authorized to interface with Tracsis. In the absence of such list, anyone contacting Tracsis on the customer’s behalf will be determined to be authorized to request support; 2) Provides contact(s) who will participate in on-site trouble-shooting, and be accessible via phone, or e-mail, during fault clearance and restoration process; 3) Provides access to all Computer Peripheral Equipment (CPE) including workstations, routers, switches, signal equipment, and any other communication equipment required to support Tracsis application or service available for Tracsis technical team; 4) Provides a suitable environment for the installation and operation of Tracsis-provided CPE; 5) Reports problem with a Service, and allows Tracsis access for testing and resolution.

If a customer reports a problem but declines to allow Tracsis access for testing and resolution, the Service will not be considered impaired.

03. DOC system updates.

System updates refer to releases, updates, upgrades, and/or enhancements to the software which Tracsis makes generally available to its customers. This service does not include firmware versions of field equipment. DOC system updates do not include DOC system modifications and on-site support. DOC System updates are not considered incidents. If an incident requires a DOC system update as part of its solution, both an incident and software update will be applied against the service plan or invoiced.

This service requires high speed internet connectivity or Tracsis’s secure private network, Tracsis Connect Remote Link.

Tracsis will not update a DOC System running on obsolete PC Hardware (typically end of life is 5 years), and/or PC Hardware without an active warranty or maintenance policy with manufacturer or similar.

System updates are subject to Tracsis’s availability, are performed remotely, and are scheduled during normal business hours.

04. On-site support.

Tracsis offers 2-day visits to perform training or to assist and solve incidents at the customer’s location. Customers may request additional days after their 2-day visit. Customer is responsible for requesting this service at least one month in advance.

On-site visits do not include any materials required during the visit. Rates are applicable to locations within the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii). Rates are based on one engineer traveling to the customer’s location. Unplanned additional days are subject to availability.

05. DOC system modifications.

DOC system modifications may include (but are not limited to) drawing changes, adding sidings or stations, replacing mile posts and yard limits, renaming the territories and changing configuration parameters. DOC system modifications are categorized as small, medium, large or extra-large based on the effort required to develop, configure, test, and deploy. A list of typical DOC system modifications per size is available upon request. Additional license fees may apply when adding new devices or territories. Customer is responsible for requesting this service at least two weeks in advance.

This service requires high speed internet connectivity or Tracsis’s secure private network, Tracsis Connect Remote Link.

This service does not include on-site support, training, or documentation. DOC system modifications are developed, configured, tested, and deployed remotely during normal business hours. DOC system modifications are subject to review and approval. Tracsis will make sure that all modifications of the DOC system are based on best practices and safety standards. Tracsis will provide recommendations to the customers as needed. Tracsis reserves the right to decline the performance of system modifications.

06. Proactive monitoring.

Tracsis performs routine remote monitoring of IT infrastructure and services of the DOC system, including memory and processor performance, hard drive capacity, system service availability, and network connectivity.

Proactive monitoring is performed using a third party tool. Tracsis cannot guarantee availability of this service. Proactive monitoring is done in a 24/7 basis. Notification to customers regarding any event is performed during normal business hours.

Proactive monitoring does not guarantee the prevention of events or failures.

During proactive monitoring, all data traffic is outbound. Tracsis does not require any inbound ports to be opened. The monitoring tool utilizes an outbound connection.

View-only license to the monitoring tool includes one user account and is per location. Monthly reports provide a snapshot of the status of the IT infrastructure and services that are being monitored, as well as a recommended list of actions to keep the network in good condition.

07. Connectivity.

High speed internet connectivity or Tracsis’s secure private network, Tracsis Connect Remote Link, is required when access to the DOC system is needed. The Tracsis Connect service is restricted to cell service availability at the location (within the USA).

For high speed internet, the average network latency to our datacenter should not exceed 200ms, or the average network latency to the closest internet backbone should not exceed 60ms. All communications will be outbound from the computers at the customer location using HTTP, HTTPS and DNS to Tracsis Datacenter’s public IP’s (available upon request).

VPN connections and dial up connections are not supported.

08. Emergency response.

The Emergency Response is available to all our customers with an active Service Plan for an additional charge. This service is available to assist and resolve incidents with a Tracsis solution. Customers may request that Tracsis sends an engineer on-site overnight to support an emergency. When a customer has an emergency and requests immediate on-site support, Tracsis will do its best to send an engineer within the next 24 to 36 hours. The service is subject to transportation and lodging availability.

This service doesn’t include materials required during visit.

Last Update April 02, 2024