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Interoperable Train Control BOS

An independent, interoperable and train control-compliant BOS.

Designed with compatibility in mind

Our BOS is compatible with third-party ITC PTC systems and can replace your existing BOS. Importantly, its user-friendly interface can be implemented into any computer aided dispatch (CAD) or other railroad management information system (MIS). The result is a system that's ITC PTC capable.

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How it works

  • CAD System users interact with the system through a CAD Workstation.
  • Users enter mandatory directives (including speed restrictions) into the CAD System via GCOR-based forms.
  • Information about the speed restrictions is transmitted to the BOS, and from there are made available to the other segments of the PTC system.
  • The Tracsis BOS serves as a bridge between the CAD system and the Interoperable Train Control Message (ITCM) system.
  • Incoming messages from the CAD system are validated and converted into an ITCM-compatible message.
  • They're then sent to the ITCM server to be routed to the appropriate PTC-enabled locomotive.

Key features

The Tracsis ITC BOS is capable of receiving the following information via the CAD system (as defined in AAR K-I 4.4):

  • Consists
  • Subdivision lists
  • Mandatory Directives (MD)
  • Bulletins

What's more, the Tracsis BOS can interface with a Track Data System (TDS) to receive information about railroad fixed assets, e.g. switches, signals, tracks, and crossings.